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Work with Startup or Corporate

  • Oct 14, 2017 |
  • Posted By:
  • Steven

When it comes to the classic job-search duel between startup and corporate, which do you choose? Better yet, which job is better for your career in the long run?


Freedom/Flexibility: In a smaller company you may be require to exercise a different skill set without even leaving your desk. You would also have more flexible hours.

Work Environment: Being in such an informal environment means you are able to speak directly to upper management, voice concerns are pitch ideas, which can result in much faster movement.

Progression: There is a 56% more chance of carrier progression. As you drive results and show progress you’ll quickly assume more responsibility and leadership.

Visible Success: Working at a startup means your work can be seen by everyone. This facilitates your chances of being distinguished with certain skills.


Offer Benefits: You are more likely to have more financial stability, regular raises and promotions.

Job Security: Charger companies need a lot of people to work in a wide variety of jobs in order to operate. It’s also possible to change positions and explore a new area without leaving the company.

Big Presence: A corporate company will have a big presence in its industry there-fore you would have access to greater resources, professional development and more networking opportunities.

Guidance: More established companies will have a structured environment and a clear-cut way to do things and suits individuals who prefer the extra help.


Oct 15, 2017 | Ricky

But i suggest everyone to Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job. Because You’ll have more responsibility. You’ll be given more opportunities. You’ll be able to do a lot of different things and You will learn from true innovators.

Nov 10, 2017 | Nidhi

The startup culture does attract a lot of attention and envy for being fresh, relaxed, accommodating, energetic, young, and hence quite cool overall! But all that glitters is not gold. While none of these points are false or pretentious, the hardships startup employees face is not spoken about nearly enough!

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